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Top React Development Tools In 2024

React Development Tools

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Let’s dive into the world of React JS, one of the most popular libraries to use today to level up your website and app-building game. Understanding the use of React Development tools is key to unlocking your full potential in this field.

React has transformed the way we approach app and website development, becoming a favorite tool among developers across the globe. An often-discussed topic in this realm is React JS vs. React Native, two distinct but interrelated technologies. But, you can leverage React only when you combine your knowledge of the library with the expertise of React development tools. Stick around as we review the latest React Development tools in this insightful read.

Why Is React Development Still Popular?

There are many reasons why React Development is still popular among developers and users. The notable reasons for the popularity of React JS are as follows-

React is easy to learn

React JS, as a library based on the JavaScript language, is very easy to grasp and use. Developers are looking for programming libraries that are based on simple logic and efficiency. As a library, React covers both of these bases. Setting up and working with React is very easy, as it takes only a few hours to do so. The learning curve for React is simple and short, which allows a developer to the practical application of the library. 

Intuitive interface building

The results you get out of React  JS are very good and intuitive. Now that front-end development is coming into focus, it has become very easy for developers with React JS. The React Library is declarative and intuitive, which helps in the complete development of the front end of an application. 

React manages the DOM in a manner that makes intuitive interface building very easy. Front-end development is very simple with the help of React JS. The front-end layout is dynamic and robust as a result. The declarative and intuitive nature of React JS makes debugging and maintenance of the front end very easy.

React supports developer productivity

React JS as a library supports developer productivity with the help of reusable components and hot reload. The developer can reuse code components to create whole applications at a faster pace. React helps you work faster and more intelligently as a developer. When the best development tools are picked, this process is further supported. There are many tools that help with the development of React-based applications. With the choice of the right tools and strong libraries, web and application development can be done with maximum efficiency and speed.

Why Are React Development Tools Important?

React development tools are a class of extensions, tool programs, and frameworks that help in application development. From development tools to testing and debugging extensions, a lot of the programs fall under React development tools. These tools help quicken the development and testing of code so that the output that comes out is robust and functional. Some of these tools are additional apps, while others are browser extensions. 

You can create code without using these tools, but high-quality and well-finished codes come up with such tools. Development companies and React itself are coming out with these tools. After creating the initial code, it is also important to inspect and create an error-free code. Additional resources that are lightweight and helpful increase the quality of code without much hassle. 

The creation, inspection, and complete development of a code need monitoring which can be done with these tools. React development tools have existed for many years and continue to evolve with present needs. The React development tools are the virtual toolkits of every React developer. 

Such tools are quite easy to use if you are adept at using browsers and systems for development. From developing code to correcting and creating applications, everything needs systems and browsers. Browser-based React Development tools that work without download are good to start with. Below is a list of the most powerful React Development tools.

What Are The Top React Development Tools For Software Developers? 

React is a popular JavaScript library for software development. It is used by a wide range of companies, including Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix. There are a number of React development tools available, which can help React JS Programmers build React applications more quickly and easily.

1. Visual Studio Code

When you are working with code on React, you need a code editor. Visual Studio Code is an efficient code editor. Developers can choose different add-ons for React. Visual Studio code comes as an add-on for the React Extension Pack. VS code works for different purposes, but its primary function is code-related. 

The editor streamlines different coding functions like debugging, task running, and version control. It provides all the functions to streamline the code creation, inspection, editing, and debug cycle. VS code is very popular in the developer community. If, as a developer, you want to go ahead with a more advanced and complex interface, then choose Visual Studio IDE.

2. BIT

BIT helps in the development of component-based complex applications. BIT is a complete tool to improve developer productivity in the long run. The tool helps in the development of high-performance and highly scalable apps from React. The tool helps in quickening the pace of development and streamlining the process. 

The turnaround time for the tool is much less. The tool simplifies the development approach by helping developers create individual components of the app outside the application framework. The application framework then assembles this. The approach taken with the help of BIT is more productive than the multi-component approach.

3. Storybook

If you are looking for a React Development tool that helps in designing the UI experience, then you should go for Storybook. Storybook is a tool that helps you visualize all the different states of the app components. With visualization, developers can easily modify and correct React code for a better application interface. 

The tool threads together the visual layout of the code so that the front end can be perfected. Storybook is a recommended tool because it is an affordable and open-source tool. From beginners to experts, developers can use this tool without any complications.

4. Evergreen

Evergreen is a custom-made, front-end library meant only for React. Evergreen already has a pre-decided set of React components that can be used for the design and development of React native apps. The tool has a salient feature of pop-over components that pop with the core content of the applications to outline the target. 

This helps in coordinating between the front end and back end of the app. The use of Evergreen UI with robust back-end tools creates a well-designed, smart development environment for the app. Evergreen UI is linked with React UI components which creates linearity and compatibility for native apps.

5. Belle

Belle is a group of React-based components that can be used to create desktop and mobile apps. Belle is a package of React components like Toggle, Card Select, etc., which can be used to create app layouts. After selecting the layout and bringing together the app layout, you can then customize the app framework according to goals and needs.

The tool works on built-in mobile support so that it can be used on multiple platforms. The accessibility and productivity of the toolset it apart from other tools. The customizable and diverse themes of the tool help create superior app products.

6. Reactide

Reactide is a  platform that helps in cross-platform app development. Since cross-platform app development is so popular these days, it is important for React developers to know about this tool. The tool has an in-built simulator that creates an app-like environment with live reloading and prototyping features. 

The tool is an extensive and useful tool that has a node server and an in-built browser that helps in code configuration and integration. The Reactide tool helps in creating new tools to the extent that it covers a lot of bases for the app. The app is represented with all its components in live form so that the developer can make changes and create a complete app in real time.

7. React Cosmos

React Cosmos is another tool that you should know about. The React Cosmos app tool is used to create coded components in a React-specific way. The tool helps in visualizing and monitoring the coded functions in a way that creates an app that is well coordinated. The developer can monitor the app creation and changes. The tool makes it easy for developers to follow the roadmap and match the deadline.

8. Jest

Like development tools, testing tools are also an important part of the development process. There is a need for Strong testing tools on React, which is fulfilled by tools like Jest. Jest is a testing framework based in the same language as React so that errors are detected. The tool not only helps in error detection but also in the modification and correction of app code. Jest is used for debugging the code, creating new code, and mitigating risks linked with the initial code.


With time, there are many react development and testing tools that companies are floating. As a developer, it is important to keep and update knowledge of classic and recent app development tools based on React. As React app development becomes more and more demanding, the use of highly productive and efficient tools is a necessity. 

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