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Digitalogy is an invite-only platform for top-notch software developers and engineers. We follow this practice as it has proven for us to be really successful and it helps us to curate the best developer talent for our businesses and clients.

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Why 5%?

As a unique matchmaker, we’ve developed a rigorous internal screening process to identify the 'BEST' . We’re Engineers and Designers. We look for great problem solvers with personality and motivation — the types of people we want to work with and learn from.

Of the thousands of applications, Digitalogy encounters each month, typically fewer than 5% are accepted.

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Screening Process

How Do We Find The Top 5%

We're obsessively concerned about finding the best dev talent. Our diligent screening process ensures that your project is always in reliable and professional hands.

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Application (100%)

The software developers we review are highly experienced professionals. Our in-house business analysts, researchers,

and technology consultants prepare in-depth reports and analyze data, which provides insights for our customers and prepare for the next steps. Software Developers from the USA and Canada apply at Digitalogy.



Handpicked Dev Talent (66%)

All developers must submit an application to join Digitalogy's marketplace. They are assessed on

requirements gathering, consulting ability, engineering planning, and estimates, to ensure they can drive your project forward. Once submitted, the marketplace reviews and decides based on strict standards. We also probe into the inner depths of personality traits, looking for passionate and driven engineers who are hands-on and fully focused in their work. Approximately 1/3rd of the engineers are discarded after this step.



In-Depth Skill Review (42%)

We verify each developer carefully on LinkedIn and Github/Gitlab. We usually have 2-3 interviews and exchange many

emails with them. In addition to this, we carefully examine the legal documentation (IP, NDA, etc.), HR policies, management practices, and their personal attitude towards CXO's. Next, we check for technical knowledge, case studies, and intellect through various assessments. Approximately 30% of the remaining software developers are discarded after this step.



Portfolio Auditing (29%)

At Digitalogy, we're keen to make your experience of hiring dev talent as similar to a traditional hire as possible. First, the

marketplace discusses the developer's work history accentuating the skill sets they have expertise in, and then we audit their code samples. You’ll find the perfect developer, regardless of the industry of your business. We perform thorough interviews with past clients and customers about the quality of their interaction before being a Digitalogy-registered developer. Based on the data gathered, the service's metrics formulates a fair rating for all the devs. Approximately 20% of the remaining developers are discarded after this step.



Dummy Project (7%)

Some developers might be assigned a test project to verify whether they can “walk the walk.” Dummy projects

provide real-world scenarios for developers to showcase their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and honesty over 1-2 days. Our tech-consultant will arrange tech interviews with them, discuss the dummy project and prepare ratings. We use services like HackerRank or TopCoder for this purpose. We can also organize an onsite interview by our trusted tech-consultant upon your appointment. On successfully completing the dummy projects, 7% of the engineers proceed to the next step.



Continued Excellence (4% - 5%)

Each accepted software developer is encouraged to follow Digitalogy's best practices as they accept their first

client(s) to ensure that all developers within the Digitalogy network provide exceptional service to the clients. Software engineers that are not following the marketplace terms of use or code of conduct will be re-evaluated and potentially removed from the network. We are antagonistic towards sub-par work or poor communication. Period. This is the final step where we have selected the most qualified engineers after a series of screening processes. Only 4-5% of all the engineers continue to work on various projects with us.


Data-driven Platform, AI & ML-based Matchmaking

Say "Hello" to the safest way of software outsourcing on this planet. Our digital ecosystem and patent-pending algorithm are capable of finding talent, which suits your custom needs before anybody else can.

More Reliable

More Reliable

More Efficient

More Efficient

Real Impact


From the data collected over the years here at Digitalogy, we can say that we have managed to deliver a whopping 20% more success rate for software outsourcing than the industry standard.


Customer Satisfaction


Projects on Budget


Escalation Rate


Quote Generation


Milestone Completion


Avg. Team Formation


Shortlisted agencies are selected for projects using 20+ criteria and multiple screening rounds so that we can deliver a world-class finished product every single time.