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Hire Custom Software Development Teams

How Digitalogy Works?


Post your project and we’ll arrange for a quick, 10-minute call. To understand the vision and objective of your product and the problem you are trying to solve. Things like budget, tech stack, scope, etc. are prepared.

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Once the scope is defined, we leverage our pool of 10000+ developers, or 200+ agencies worldwide to recommend the best developer(s) for your project. The stringent vetting process is adopted, make sure the best match is chosen.

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Code and Scale
Code & Scale

After you receive the free quotes from the teams, start building your product with the shortlisted one. Stay agile and easily break your project into various milestones. The codes are scalable & enterprise-grade from day 1.

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Pay Securely
Pay Securely

Once the project gets started, we ensure that you are regularly updated on your product. Payment is executed via the most optimized method and aligned with the progress of the project.

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Vetting Process

You evaluate your employees before hiring them. So why not work with fully custom software development agencies? Discover and hire the best nearshore and offshore development teams. Certified by Digitalogy. Guaranteed to deliver.

Vetting Process
01 Handpicked Agencies (66%)

Our criteria selects for the best dev shops and agencies. We examine their track record, reviews from past clients and employees, and their external ratings. We place a focus on their core expertise, background, size and much more.

02 In-Depth Skill Review (42%)

Software code is evaluated, and open source contributions are reviewed to ensure consistent software architecture and documentation practices.

03 Portfolio Auditing (29%)

Portfolios are thoroughly screened against the highest benchmarks, and the previous clients are interviewed to ensure they had a great experience.

04 Dummy Project (7%)

At times, a dummy project is done to ensure a great overall experience. This helps in developing confidence for both parties.

05 Continued Excellence (4%-5%)

We adhere to a zero-tolerance policy for vendors who perform poorly. We permanently blacklist inadequate or uncooperative vendors.

Risk-Free Hire Within 72hrs
72 hrs
Our hiring consultants will help you find the developer you need within 72 hrs.
Our AI-powered vetting and matching process ensures he/she is a perfect fit
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