6 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS You Must Try


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Augmented Reality has become a necessity for many brands today, with growing demand for it. Today, you might need to integrate AR into your customer journey to stay caught up. While WebAR is making waves, Augmented Reality Apps have irreplaceable benefits. Brands are leveraging Augmented Reality for Android and iOS devices to keep up with a range of users based on their preferences. As we look ahead, the future of artificial intelligence will further enhance these technologies, creating even more immersive and personalized experiences.

Best Augmented Reality Apps to Try in 2024

If you are looking to build an Augmented Reality app and need references, you must try
these six examples before creating your own:

  1. Snapchat
    It is an AR application that lets its users create fun face filters. It is mostly a social media platform for younger audiences, Gen Zs that love fun ideas. Snapchat thus introduced face-tracking AR that turns images into cool Augmented Reality experiences. The best part is that it is for Android and iOS users.

    Much like the Quiver app that allows users to color-outlined drawings that they can see in 3D and AR, Scifikids allows its users to bring their coloured drawings to life with their Android and iOS apps.

    Scifikids, an ed-tech brand based in India, partnered with PlugXR to create Android and iOS apps that allowed kids aged 3-5 to see and interact with content in 3D and AR. Besides seeing drawings in AR, they can also learn the alphabet in 3D and AR.

  3. InkHunter
    It is an AR app that allows people to try on a tattoo before they get one. Just draw two vertical lines and a horizontal line such that it forms a smiley face. Point the phone’s camera towards it to see how various tattoo designs look on you.

  4. IKEA Home
    Ikea has transformed how people shop for furniture and home decor items. IKEA Home is an evolution from a seamless eCommerce website to an appealing “See it in your space” AR experience. It is an app that allows potential customers to see Ikea products in 3D and AR by placing them in their homes virtually. It gives users a clear sense of how those products will fit their space.

  5. Wayfair
    The Wayfair AR app is similar to IKEA Place, allowing users to see products on the Wayfair app in Augmented Reality.

  6. YouCam Makeup
    Like the Lenskart AR feature that allows users to try eyewear, YouCam Makeup apps allow users to take selfies to which they can apply virtual makeovers, from lipstick to facial to eye makeup and more.

Augmented Reality apps are a great investment for many companies. They add an extra dimension to the marketing strategy while making the customer experience fun and loving. It significantly impacts improving important metrics such as customer experience, engagement, and sales. Also, it enables a confident buying experience and, thus, a significantly lower return. To achieve this, companies often hire a team of developers to create immersive AR experiences that resonate with their target audience.

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