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Importance of Agile Development Methodology

Importance of Agile Development Methodology

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What is Agile Methodology or Agile Project Management?

In common, when we discuss the Agile development methodology, it involves an iterative and incremental method of management. It centers on helping teams in an embryonic landscape and preserving a focus on the rapid delivery of business worth. The technologies used in Agile project management (Scrum, XP, and others) all follow the Agile policies that are based on continuous improvement, suppleness, the input of the team, and the delivery of final data with high quality.

Before going through the benefits of agile project management, we would like to bring out the contrast in the traditional & agile development. In software development, we often speak about the “traditional model” which mainly points to the SDLC or Waterfall Model.

Very different to Agile method especially because it’s not iterative, Waterfall is more about a process where you can see the progress in a flow through the different phases. During the whole cycle, user participation is encouraged, providing visibility & lucidity, showing the actual development of projects.

Benefits of Agile Project Management

1. High Product Quality

In Agile methodology, testing is integrated throughout the cycle, which means that there are regular tests performed to see that the product is working during the development. This enables the product owner to make modification if needed and the developers are alert if there are any issues.

It helps in defining and elaborating necessities just in time so that the knowledge of the product features Incorporating continuous integration and daily testing into the development process, allowing the development team to address issues while they’re still fresh.

Taking advantage is as relevant as possible of automated testing tools. Conducting sprint retrospectives, allowing the scrum team to continuously improve processes and work. On the other hand, it helps in completing work using the definition of done: developed, tested, integrated, and implemented.

High Product Quality

2. Stakeholder Engagement

Agile presents multiple prospects for team engagement and stakeholder – after, before, and during each Sprint. By linking the client with each step of the project, there is an elevated amount of collaboration between the project team and client, providing more chances for the team to really understand the client’s perspective. “Bringing working software near the beginning and commonly increases stakeholders’ faith in the team’s capability to deliver high-quality working software and supports them to be more deeply occupied in the project.”

3. Transparency

An exclusive opportunity for customers to be involved all through the project, from prioritizing characteristics to iteration planning and evaluation sessions to recurrent software builds enclosing new characteristics, these all are provided by agile development. However, this also involves clients to appreciate that they are seeing a job in progress in trade for this added benefit of lucidity.

4. Early and Predictable Delivery

  • Alpha Test

By means of time-boxed, unchanging schedule Sprints of 1-6 weeks, new attributes are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of predictability. This also offers the occasion to release or alpha test the software previous than planned if there is sufficient business value.

  • Beta Test

By using time-fixed and fixed schedule Sprints of 1-5 weeks; new updates are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of inevitability. This also provides the occasion to release or beta test the software former than planned if there is adequate business value.

5. Predictable Costs and Schedule

Because every Sprint is of fixed duration, the cost is expected and incomplete to the amount of work that can be executed by the team in the fixed time schedule box. Shared with the guesstimate provided to the client former to each Sprint, the customers can more readily understand the estimated cost of each attribute, which perks up decision making about the precedence of features and requires for additional passes.

6. Allows for Change

While the team needs to pay attention to distributing an agreed-to subset of the manufactured good’s features during each pass, there is an occasion to constantly purify and reprioritize the general product backlog. Original or changed log jam items can be designed for the next pass, providing the opportunity to initiate alterations within a few weeks.

7. Higher Customer Satisfaction

The artifact owner is always involved, the progress of development has high satisfaction and flexibility to change is highly significant. This implies engagement and customer visibility.

  • Representing working characteristics to customers in every dash review.
  • Delivering products to market faster and more often with each release. The customer gets early access to creation during the life cycle.
  • Keeping clients involved and occupied throughout projects.
Higher Customer Satisfaction

8. Inevitable Costs and Schedule

Because each cycle is a fixed duration, the rate is predictable and partial to the amount of work that can be performed by the team in the fixed-schedule time period. Shared with the estimates provided to the customer prior to each cycle, the client can more gladly understand the estimated cost of each feature, which further improves conclusion making about the precedence of features and the need for additional iterations.

“Statistics say that by using agile development methodology, on average, the time to market is 39% quicker and the competence of your team is increased with a productivity higher by 21% than the average.”

We hope you enjoyed reading about the benefits of agile project management and there are obviously others. If you have some that come to mind, you could share it in the comment section! Also, if you’re looking for software development companies that could help you with one of your projects and follow Agile Methodology strictly, you can check our blog on Top Software Development agencies in the USA.

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