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10 Important Points to Consider While Website Redesigning

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Your business website is what makes your business flow. It includes lead generation, email marketing,  social media, sales strategies, brand awareness, etc.

We can see a rapid change in web technology for a long time. This makes several businesses to act accordingly to stay ahead in the race. 

Without that, you cannot get enough leads, and cannot secure the conversations, etc.  So, you need to find out what makes your business fall apart and how to get rid of it.

If you ask us; then there is the only thing that currently is thriving and can assuredly give you fruitful results.  It is nothing but- redesigning the website. 

Website redesigning is a huge project; it does not matter what your business type is. You need to redesign it to engage more visitors and enable them to stay at your website for notable content. 

All this requires nothing but- a little insight, adequate planning, and research for making your next designing a success story. Many experienced eCommerce Web designing companies are there that can also help you and guide you about all the processes involved in redesigning the website. 

Anyways,  that is up to you- that either you want to hire some company or want to do it on your own. So, here we are with the checklist that can help you while redesigning the website. 

When Website Redesigning is Required?

Though, the best thing is to perform redesigning after some months, as technology is regularly evolving. There is no fun in keeping the website that cannot keep the updated information and cannot engage the readers. So, if you are now thinking of website that needs redesign, then you must know is it the right time to do that. Find out the below points to double-check your decision:

  1. Your visitor’s probability is not as you desire.
  2. Your visitors are not staying long or are not returning.
  3. The website is not mobile-oriented.
  4. You have changed the business strategy, but not the website.
  5. Your website is not fully-functional and easily navigable.

10 Points to Consider While Website Redesigning

As of now, you are aware of the conditions that assure you about the web redesign, and for that, the redesigning checklist is very beneficial. With proper planning, you can ensure that the website you have redesigned can offer you the desired results. Find out below the best ways to turn your conventional business website into an updated, fully-featured, and responsive website.

1. Find Out What’s Wrong with Your Current Website

It is the first thing in our checklist as it is the true base of the website. Hence, make an outline of everything that you think is wrong in your website. The list must have every single detail from verbosity to design and all that comes in between.  

With this clarification, you will not only understand the elements that you need to change but, also, you will be able to unleash the issues that you think were affecting your website performance. After creating an outline, mark the issues that are appropriately related to the designing.  And, the rest of the issues can be saved for the next update of the website. 

2. Examine the Website Analytics

Examine the Website Analytics

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

The next is to look at the website metrics to have an in-depth study about the audiences and how they like your website.  In addition, it will show you what most they are searching for.  

Find out the trends in the analytics that show the most-like and most-visited web pages, the design elements, CTAs that the visitors mostly respond to.  Know the audience you are thinking of reaching is the one you are attracting to.  If it is not, then you need to follow a different marketing approach to filter the proper audience.

3. Prioritize Content 

Only images are not enough for you to engage the customers; content is a must. By making the content; you can show visitors your opinions and communicate even without risking the website design.  

But, make only the perfect and valuable content, do not forget to include the customer-oriented approach. Several businesses even now are behind creating the old age brochureware business websites that only imply what they are dealing with; that too with long paragraphs.  

Remember your first motive is to solve the issues that customers are facing, and this is what they care for.  Practicing that, you can carry forward the actual value of your brand than serving yourself only.  The other positive approach of considering content is that it helps the designer to make the customized layout to showcase the copy in the best way.

4. Carry Out Keyword Research

It is also an essential step in website optimization, especially, for search engines.  Keyword researching is a helpful way to obtain knowledge regarding the language that is mostly used. 

With the specifications your customers are using, you can convert your website more user-friendly.  This is how you can improve the chances of website visibility in search engines. When it is about the on-site optimization, prefer the unique, relevant keywords for every website page, and some secondary keywords.

Use them into the headings, title tag, alt tag, URL, and the website copy, but, do not enforce them. Several keyword research tools are there that can help you to find out the more searched keywords for the website’s main pages, and the best thing, most of the tools are free. 

5. Hire a Trustworthy Website Design Company

Hire a Trustworthy Website Design Company

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

If you know the technicalities behind redesigning the website, then the checklist we are presenting to you is enough, and if not, then you should hire the website design company to do the needful.  

The professionals of the company will not only build an outstanding website but also, ensure you about the profitable results.  Of course, they can do it in less time and with fewer efforts.  But, while hiring, check out the reviews,  their portfolios, and the experience as well.  Communicate with them at the initial stage before signing the contract and take the custom quote.

6. Build/ Update/Review Brand Styles and Guidelines 

The next thing in our bucket list is to examine the brand styles and guidelines to make a cohesive design.   Ask your team about the review of the current branding guidelines.  If it is updated?  Are the fonts easy to read?  Does the font hierarchy exist?  Is your brand able to depict your actual aim?

The aim behind keeping this point intact is that it makes the designing logical and conceptualizes your company. Assure that the web page colors permit you to have authentic portrayals, such as Hex, CMYK, and RGB.  More functionalities that you can integrate are; image examples, logo fonts, usage, iconography, and button styles. 

The aim of this is to provide direction to someone who designs the brand and builds consistency on every media even if it is print, video, or web.  On the other hand, including the button hierarchy that responds to many marketing funnel levels that assists the users in their journey.  

7. Understand the Customer

Understand the Customer

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

It is also one of the most significant steps in the website redesigning checklist because it makes you know the customers and their journey.  Finding that they are looking for, what queries they have, and how they are looking for the information on the website.

Several steps are there that you can follow to grasp the information, like, you can communicate with them and ask if they have issues and how they are liking their services? What makes them buy some products?  Is there anything on the website that irritates them?  etc. 

In addition to that, you can ask yourself some questions that help you to redesign the website.  Which type of content does the customer need to make their buying decision?  Are there any holes in their purchasing journey?

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8. Start Designing

With everything on paper and mind, now, you should make the design mockups page layouts.  Or, ask your professional designer to do that.  It is essential the data you have examined and collected in the previous steps should be undertaken, otherwise, all your efforts are wasted.   

With the best approach, you can also consider the brand guidelines and accordingly, update and implement them in the new design.  Now, you will know how all the buttons and other elements are shaping; also, assist the customer with this particular information.

The next thing here is that you have to be full- aligned on the mockups before moving toward the development phase.  Avoiding anything now can result in misalignments that later can delay the development particularly when information appears that makes revision necessary. After finalizing and approving the design,  do your best to have genuine users.

9. Mobile-friendly Website is a Must

Mobile-friendly Website is a Must

Web Design By Carlo Co. Services

Now, the world is mobile. Everyone likes to access everything on mobile, because of the convenient approach it has. Users do not like to stay on the website which is not mobile responsive. 

Mobile responsiveness here means the website holds the ability to fit in every screen size including the browser compatibility as well. 

So, check the website builder and know if it is offering the responsive templates or not, if it is not then find another.  Check how every design element is appearing and working on every mobile.  Even a small button can destroy the overall mobile look of the website.  So, you should not overlook it and keep responsiveness in mind while redesigning the website.

10. Execute User Testing

While you have everything on the hand then check it and before publishing on the website.   You are never going to be as good as checking the website means the visitors will be someone who comes to it with fresh eyes.

Ask some friends or customers to assist you to test the website.  Invite them to make some main actions on the website; and then buying, filling the form and then, navigating easily to an appropriate product. Allow them to do so in different browsers and on different devices. 

The Time to Develop Your Website

Now, you have all the checklist points, create an improved website that can give you visible results.  

Make it live on the web; but, keep a close eye on the website analytics to know if it is making the fair results. Obviously, you want to have a website redesigning that can accomplish your desires. 

But, it is advised to track the particular measures as per the stated goals to grasp what is working, and regularly making tweaks to design according to the analytics.

It does not matter the type of business you have, the eminent customers have searched you before approaching you. So, get benefits from the website redesigning checklist now.  Go Live and reach an immense audience with confidence!!

Hopefully, our list has helped you to some extent. Follow it before the pre-launch and the post-launch will be a breeze.

If you have some doubts or suggestions then let us know. Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.  

Thanks for reading!!

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