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Types of Application Software In 2024 [With Examples]

Types of Application Software

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In everyday life, we are knowingly and unknowingly entirely dependent on application software. We utilize various applications on our mobile and desktops for performing various tasks, from checking an email on Gmail to updating our status on Facebook and posting on LinkedIn.  

Like any other technology system, application software plays an important part in core functioning. Its main duty is to carry out a computer system’s fundamental operations.

In this blog, we will learn about various application software and business software in detail. Before beginning, let’s have a look at its definition.

What is Application software?

According to Wikipedia, computer programs known as “application software” are specialized to perform a tasks with particular purpose, such as one related to learning, individual use, or business. Productivity software or an end-user program are other names for it. Every application has been created to assist consumers with a specific task, which could be connected to creativity, efficiency, or interaction.

Their programs are specialized in functioning and carrying out the tasks they were created for. The primary goal of any application software is to simplify a task for its users to execute.

Examples of a few Applications Software

There are specific application software programs that can assist you in doing your activities, taking notes, setting the alarm, maintaining a bank log, or even playing games.

The applications that millions of individuals use most frequently are listed below.

  • Microsoft Library has elements like MS Office, PowerPoint, MS Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Browsing platforms like Google Chrome, Firefox Safari, etc.
  • Online communication tools such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. 

Types of Application Software with Examples

Top Application Software of 2023

The application software library is very vast. There are many categories and their different applications. Let’s check out a few of them!

1. Web Browsers

Web browsers being an application software, might shock you. But this is the truth, and web browsers fall under this category. It is responsible for internet surfing, which further helps the users to find data across the internet. 

Examples of Web Browser Application Software are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. 

2. Open Source Software

The open-source software is available for the users online with codes available for the community. The users have the right to modify the code according to their wishes, which is a huge plus point. 

The biggest advantage of open source software is that most of the sources are free of cost, which means it is not required to pay any amount for any subscription. 

Examples of open-source software are Moodle, OpenOffice, Gimp, etc.

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3. Freeware

Freeware, as the name implies, can be utilized without having to spend money. It can be downloaded from the internet by users. They can download it without paying any amount and enjoy its functionalities. 

However, the freeware code is purely constant and can not be changed by the users. 

A few examples of popular applications based on Freeware software applications are Skype, Adobe Reader, Team Viewer, etc. 

4. Learning Management Software

Learning management systems or educational software are used to provide users with educational opportunities. They are expertly made to support teaching and learning in a comprehensive way. They are a great way for teachers to impart knowledge because they can include innovative concepts, subject matter, and insights. 

Learning management systems can influence how students are educated in the future by adding features like joint lessons, classroom organization, and encrypted data storage.

Google Classrooms, TalentLMS, Litmos, etc. are great examples of Learning Management Software. 

5. Programming Language Translation Software

To translate complex coding languages into straightforward machine-level code, programming language translation software is created.

In addition to translating codes, these codes can include source code, fix system flaws, and provide diagnosing reports.

A few examples of Programming language translation software are Compiler, Interpreters, Assemblers, etc. 

6. Productivity Application Software 

Software for productivity applications is very popular right now. Many workers now use productivity tools to concentrate on important work instead of losing time on menial tasks.

Using productivity software enables businesses to complete tasks quickly and effectively. Users of this software can make databases and records.

These programs include user-friendly functions like content management and database administration, among others.

Fellow, HelloSign, and Zapier are a few popular examples of productivity application software that are highly used by many workers. 

7. Presentation Application Software 

Presentation Application Software was created for both personal and individual utilization. It is created to assist its users in putting concepts and information into presentations. These software programs are used by businesses for easy and simple creation of presentations with just a click of a button.

The major elements of presentation application software are:

  • Text Editor
  • Multimedia Files 
  • Slideshow 

Apple Notes, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Slides are the most popular examples of Presentation Application Software. 

8. Word Processing Application Software 

Text can be created, improved upon, and modified using software for word processors. They free up space for a variety of functions that enable efficient content centralization and editing.

It enables the user to enter, edit, format, and print out text. Furthermore, this form of software helps to create a wonderful visual experience by providing its users with accessibility to Wordnet, synonyms, as well as other resources. The software also features font sizes, color combinations, and styles.

Appleworks, Wordpad, Notepad, Google Docs, Microsoft Word Docs, and others are examples of application software.

9. Database Application Software

This application, which is also known as “database management software”, helps with the effective management of data. Organizing data and direct connectivity is made simpler with the help of this software. 

A database management system also referred to as DBMS, is a program used to get, store, and search data from a particular dataset. This application alters data so that it can be accessed during DBMS searches.

MS Access, Oracle, and MySQL are a few popular examples of DBMS.

10. Multimedia Software Application

Creation of audio, video, or visual files gets simpler with these software applications. They interact with the creation and distribution of all fundamental interactive media. They include a wide range of tools to make this easier.

Designed exclusively to record, create, and edit video and audio files. It has a significant impact on the entertainment industry, telecommunications, and media sectors.

The visual and audio quality of any interactive media is improved by multimedia software. Software for multimedia enables users to merge sound, words, illustrations, and graphics.

Adobe Flash Photoshop, CorelDRAW, PowerPoint, and SMIL are a few examples of popular Multimedia Software Applications. 

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Types of Business Software In 2024

List of Business Application Software with examples

There are a few software which are mostly used by business organizations. The core purpose of this software is to enhance the business of the respective organization by providing them with software libraries for various tasks. 

Here are a few Business Application Software- 

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning Application Software (ERP)

The smooth operation of routine business operations is made possible by this software. Accounting, project planning, risk management, purchasing, supply chain management production, etc. are activities that are taken care of using this software.

A business organization can use ERP software to plan its finances, forecast its financial statements, and report those results. Additionally, the program supports the creation of standard procedures for operation and cost reductions.

Examples of Enterprise resource planning application software are Oracle e-business suite, Odoo, etc.

  1. Custom Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Organizations store, examine, evaluate, and organize customer data using customer relationship management, or CRM, software.

It controls how the business communicates with its clients, both past and present. Additionally, for improved business growth, it aids in the analysis and planning of customer information. 

Zoho, Zendesk, Freshworks, etc. are a few popular examples of CRM software applications. 

  1. Business Project Management Application Software (BPM)

Business process management software is designed to cautiously improve business processes. With the primary goal of improving business outcomes, it aids in modeling techniques, specifying, and streamlining workflow processes. Additionally, this software aids in reducing dangers and mistakes. 

Zoho Creator, ProcessMaker, and Nintex are currently the three most popular BPM applications.


When it comes to application software, the list is very vast. Each category is very different from the others and performs different functions. Everyday tasks for both personal and professional purposes involve the use of application software, and in order for this software to operate properly, the system software is necessary.

There are numerous software options, with different sets of functions and a unique licensing model. Businesses can also create specialized software, and you can merge the features of various other applications to suit your individual or organizational needs. 


  1. What is the major difference between Application software and Business Application Software?

    The only difference between both of them is their primary roles. Application software is usually for individual use but most of the business application software is used by companies. 

  2. What are some famous application software? 

    u003cstrongu003eAnsu003c/strongu003e. As there are various categories of application software, there are different examples for each category. Like, for web application software- Google Chrome, and Firefox. For Word processors- Notepad, Google Documents, etc. 

  3. What are the main categories of Business Application Software? 

    CRM, BPM, and ERP are the main categories of software that are used by businesses. 

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