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Top 10 Best Platforms to Hire Remote Developers In US & Canada

platforms for hiring remote developers

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Remote work is a phenomenon that began gaining steam in this digital world. As workers adapted to working from anywhere, remote work became a well-known term in personal and professional lifeCompanies are recruiting agencies or platforms to hire remote software developers for their teams. The advent of new communication technologies and the digital change in the workplace means we work remotely without any major issues.

The Rising Popularity of Remote Work in the IT Sector

There are many industries that are benefiting from remote work opportunities. One of the sectors that have widely embraced the remote work environment is the IT outsourcing area. IT jobs, especially development profiles, have shifted to remote or hybrid work environments.

One of the main reasons why remote developer jobs are popular is because the jobs mainly rely on the use of software and digital systems.

  • This brings forth increased flexibility, improved job satisfaction, and better work-life balance for employees. 
  • Employees, thus, stay with the company and complete their job responsibilities with more sincerity and higher productivity.
  • Since employees do not have to commute to a particular space, they save time and can devote time to other personal projects or activities. 
  • People can save more time and money on the remote work model, which makes it so popular among employees.
  • For software developers who are part of the offshore development team of any IT company, remote work opens up opportunities for working on multiple projects of any scale and even on an international level. 

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Benefits to Hire Remote Developers For Employers?

There are many advantages of remote development for employers. For example, employers believe that remote working professionals bring out more productivity and work longer hours than on-site employees. The productivity rate of remote workers also went up by more than 13% Remote working is, therefore, beneficial for both the company and the individual. 

Here’s the List of the Top 12 Platforms to Hire Remote Developers in 2024

With software development and outsourcing becoming remote, there are many sites online where employers look for the best tech talent. Many of these platforms work on a global level and offer remote software developer jobs worldwide.

Nowadays, developers are also working on a freelance basis for IT outsourcing purposes. The best remote job sites have an extensive base of human resources with skilled experience who can be hired for projects of different scales. The top sites for human resource hiring in the software development field are as follows- 

1. Toptal 

Toptal is one of the top platforms for hiring remote developers worldwide. It is a top-class recruiting website in the software development field that offers choices to employers in terms of the working professionals that they get ready to hire. The platform has top developers with many years of experience and successful software app development projects to their credit.

The site offers recruitment assistance for different software development projects like app development, web development, etc. As the app development scenario is diversifying, the diversification of the software developer skills and tools is also happening. To fit the recruitment demands of companies, the Toptal platform offers an array of profiles and skill sets. 

2. Supersourcing 

Supersourcing is a remote software developer hiring platform that allows budding businesses and startups to hire remote work developers from B2B businesses. When the startup does not have the time to do full-scale recruitment for its projects and the deadline is short, Supersourcing helps in outsourcing the developer staff.

Supersourcing takes care of the entire recruitment and background check process so that the company gets the best developers for the job at hand. Supersourcing makes IT outsourcing easy. The platform has an extensive network of IT companies and developers who are vetted before recruitment on high-scale projects. 

3. Arc 

Arc is an emerging outsourcing platform for IT jobs and development projects. It has a large pool of talented IT professionals, developers, designers, and testers that can help your company in fulfilling the demands of an ongoing project. It is also preferred by startups and other companies because it has a simple navigation interface and process.

The company has to post its job listing, and its listing will attract applications from software developers from around the world who are ready to work from anywhere. The average pricing for these jobs can start from US $244, and even startups can sign up here for their recruitment requirements. 

4. Digitalogy

Digitalogy is counted as one of the top platforms in North America for hiring remote developers globally. They are known for providing free on-demand matchmaking with the developers.

Their platform has multiple categories of software developers, engineers and programmers like Python developers, Java developers, NodeJS developers, iOS developers, and the list goes on. Their developers are pre-vetted and highly skilled with years of experience in their respective fields. 

Digitalogy guarantees to provide highly skilled developers, fitting to your project’s requirements within 72 hours along with recruitment assistance. As the development world is quite diverse, Digitalogy provides the right developer with a relevant skill set. 

5. RemoteOK 

RemoteOK is a popular job search platform for remote developers where a company can put up its job listing. The platform is well-known with customized packages and a flexible pricing structure that helps any software development company.

On the platform, you can highlight job opportunities and advertise your job listing for better recruitment. The average 30-day pricing for job listing is US $305 which is affordable for any level of enterprise. 

6. Upwork 

Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing and remote work platforms where employees can find many job listings. On the other hand, Upwork also offers the platform to list out their job listings in an area-specific and skill-specific way.

The platform also helps the company handle project coordination and payments. The platform is very efficient and connects employers worldwide with prospective employees. Employees also get the best opportunities and high-paying development jobs on the platform. 

7. Fiverr 

Fiverr is also a good platform to put up job listings and look for remote employment opportunities. it is a platform where a company can find remote work engineers for different jobs. For example, the company can find the best developers, designers, and web development experts on the platform. The company can assemble a full app development team with the help of the recruitment platform. 

8. is a platform where you can hire the best remote software developers from around the world. The platform keeps updating its job listings and resource reserves for the recruitment process. A company can find fresh talent to hire on the new site for remote software developer jobs. 

9. Cloud Dev 

Cloud Dev is also a very popular development recruitment platform where the company can find more than 100,000 experienced professionals to hire for new projects. The Cloud Dev team helps companies screen for professional profiles and find the best man for the remote developer job listed. The platform is a good place to put up a job listing and get an active response in some hours. 

10. We Work Remotely 

We Work Remotely is an extensive network of IT professionals where companies can scope out the best talent for a remote job or a singular project. The site of We Work Remotely gets millions of visitors and is very active. Professionals on the site are always looking for good employment opportunities. 

11. FlexJobs 

FlexJobs is a huge platform for professionals in different fields and companies in different industries. The platform is where professionals can find work from more than 50 fields. FlexJobs is a good platform to look for software developers and other IT professionals on a remote basis. 


There are many remote job sites that are popular in the recruitment scenario today. The demand for part-time and full-time remote jobs and their preference for offline jobs has pushed the cap on the number of remote work search sites. These sites are beneficial for companies as well as professionals. These not only offer new opportunities but also create a professional community that supports the fast-evolving software development and IT landscape.

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